Kosher Challah

Kosher Challah

Freshly baked kosher challah is now available for purchase every Thursday afternoon and Friday morning from Chabad of Pierce County. It is baked on-site in the kosher kitchen of the Chabad Jewish Center in Tacoma, and is available for order to the public.

Order one loaf for $6, or two loaves for $10.

There’s nothing better than freshly baked bread. This one is especially good. As far ass I know, this is the only Tacoma- made challah available for sale.

Rabbi Zalman Heber will soon be launching a website to order your challah, but until then, if you would like to order some, email Rabbi Heber directly at [email protected]


4 thoughts on “Kosher Challah

  1. I am a head Chef of a new restaurant in Tacoma and I am interested in bulk purchasing your Challah bread. Please give me a call at 253-228-7609 to discuss.

  2. Hi Robert

    I would like to buy 6 challah bread from you. Do I need to pre order? Where is your bakery located?