Cafe Brosseau is now open on N. 21st Street in the former Dwell space.

Pronounced “brew-so”, owners Christian Kelley and Donna Estes named the cafe after the Brosseau twins who owned an early 20th century grocery store that used to occupy the building.

Cafe Brosseau Tacoma

The neighborhood cafe joins other Three Bridges District businesses such as Magoo’s and MASH and fill the noticeable coffee shop void in the area.

On a visit this morning, the cafe was bustling with some of its first customers in line for Madrona Coffee.  Hungry? Stop in for sandwiches and the always delicious Corina Bakery pastries and handmade caramels from Fingerprint Confections.

Cafe Brosseau, 2716 North 21st Street, Tacoma. (253) 304-0087.
Open Mon-Fri 6 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat-Sun 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Update: Since opening, Cafe Brosseau has expanded to also carry Alina’s Soups and regular and gluten-free breakfast sandwiches and sandwiches made in-house.

Click to view their menu.

cafe brosseau menu


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  1. AF

    Came here 2/12/13 and loved it. It’s comfortable, affordable, and the staff is awesome! The cafe outsources to local companies which is a BIG plus! Cafe Brosseau is a great community cafe nestled in the heart of North Tacoma.

  2. Doug Bridges

    This coffee house does serve up a fine brew. I found the baristas to be friendly and coffee lover competent—without pulling a snob-shots attitude. I live in the neighborhood and welcome their arrival. I wish them the best of success!