Since Coldstone Creamery closed, I’ve had my eye on the now-vacant space next to Round Table Pizza in Westgate for a while. I’ve hoped it would turn into a little neighborhood deli or cafe…or something…anything,  except perhaps a frozen yogurt shop. Lo and behold today I see signs go up for Yeti Yogurt, a Pacific Northwest chain with four current locations and six more locations slated to open in the coming months.

I don’t hate frozen yogurt. In fact, I like it very much. Your choice of flavor and toppings, with less calories than ice cream…all good things. But there is a Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt kitty corner to this location. Aren’t two frozen yogurt shops in one block a little much? Not to mention, the countless frozen yogurt shops popping up all over Tacoma and the South Puget Sound and the soon-to-be Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt Truck coming next month (see my article in the Weekly Volcano on that here).

Too much of a good thing? Maybe. Either way, Yeti Yogurt in Westgate is slated to open this summer, as is another location in Fircrest. There’s a location at 176th and Meridian in Puyallup that’s already open.

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  1. Nikki

    As a New England transplant, I am tempted to think you crazy Northwesterners are OBSESSED with frozen freakin’ yogurt! There are waaaay too many shops serving up that halfassed crap, covered in bananas, gummy bears, and Carob chips, and not nearly enough serving up–wait for it–ice CREAM! Hellooo! I wonder what everyone out here has against the stuff, not appreciating a good ice cream parlor back east is totally unheard of. I wonder if I’d make a killing if I opened one up in Tacoma…Anyone with me?

    1. adrienne Listing Owner

      Nikki, That is too funny! I totally agree with you. I could also go for a gelato shop.

  2. Aaron

    Ouch! I, being not a yogurt lover, am just as puzzled as you guys with all these places popping up. The Westgate Yeti definitely seemed like a hostile opening.

  3. Jenn DeBellis

    Yes, this competitor is moving in right across from Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt, who are a family-owned business with two locations. There are plenty of other places in Tacoma that would welcome a frozen yogurt shop, but they chose this one. Yeti Yogurt has made a habit of building new stores near existing yogurt shops in hopes of driving the other shop out of business. They did the same thing with Queen Anne in Seattle (near Menchie’s), Puyallup (where there are multiple yogurt shops), and U-District in Seattle (near Yogurtland and Menchie’s). I’m sorry, but this is dirty and I will continue to support Gibson’s. I will never give Yeti Yogurt my business. I hope they fail miserably.