With consistently great quality and variety of produce, meats, cheese, wine and beer, I’m a big fan of Tacoma Boys. When I went to the 6th Avenue location earlier tonight to pick up my hard cider and asparagus, I noticed they have a new configuration in the middle of the store. There’s a large new cold case, housing an expanded selection of gluten free products, including frozen and cold products, as well as newly added prepared foods such as salads and sandwiches from Molly’s Grown to Eat, made in Seattle.

I was impressed with their new gluten free section, and the grab-and-go salads and sandwiches looked good (although I haven’t tried them yet). The layout makes more sense, with all the cured meats, bacon and lunch meat in the meat and cheese section instead of tucked between the dry goods and wine. The (freaking amazing) salsa, which used to be right by the front door and clogged up the flow of traffic with all the taste-testers, is now moved to the cold case as well.

Check it out and see if you find something new!

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