Yesterday I finally went and checked out the new Harbor Greens in University Place. Why I have waited so long, I don’t know. It’s awesome. Yes, I know it’s just a market, but it’s a great one and I get excited about these things.

I’ve never been to the original Harbor Greens in Gig Harbor, so I can’t really compare it, but I can say it reminds me a lot of Tacoma Boys…just a little bit better. I recently wrote about the 6th Avenue Tacoma Boys’ update to their store, and how it has a better flow and expanded range of gluten free products. Harbor Greens has all the best parts of Tacoma Boys — gorgeous produce, fantastic meats and local products — but they layout is much easier to navigate and they have a full service deli. I’m a sucker for a deli. Sandwiches, hot dogs, hot pizza, take and bake pizza, salads, soups and flatbreads. Oh, and there’s a garden center.

Also, like Tacoma Boys, Harbor Greens has a large selection of in-house canned goods, pickled items, soups, dressings and sauces.

University Place really needed a quick, grab and go deli option besides Trader Joe’s, and Harbor Greens fits the bill. Go there for lunch and pick up a huge take and bake pizza ($12.99) and some greens for a salad for dinner.


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  1. Peter Jacobson

    I purchased a bottle of rum at Harbor Greens in University Place.
    When opened it was clear that if there was any rum on the bottle it was minuscule to the amount of vinegar that was present. A Litmus test indicated a large amount of acetic acid.
    I brought my concerns to the management. Their response was “we don’t care who knows about it” “it is not our responsibility” and “the next time this happens bring in the bottle and receipt and we will give you your money back.”
    With this belligerence and arrogance to their responsibility to selling products of quality – and – perhaps a product that could be hurtful I informed them that I would then contact the LCB. Their response was “I don’t care – it is not my responsibility.”
    If it is not their responsibility whose responsibility is it?

  2. Buster Posey

    Reminds you of Tacoma Boys ? Maybe because the owner of HG and the Manager of HG in UP both worked and were taught by Tacoma Boys for over 20 years combined . They learned from the best I guess 🙂

  3. Tawny

    I LOVE HARBOR GREENS!! Their Fruit and Veg section is off the chain!! Oh the Deli so so YUMMY!!