Made in Tacoma: Sevierly Good Gluten Free

There’s a Tacoma company making allergen-free baking mixes that are free of gluten, dairy, nuts, beans, soy, corn, and most are free of potato. Covering the gamut of food allergens for many people, Sevierly Good Gluten Free is bringing homemade pizza dough, waffles, muffins, biscuits and more to everyone for whom these foods aren’t able to be eaten when traditionally made. Add to it that their products are kosher, non-GMO, predominately certified organic, are made in an allergen-free facility, and can be made vegan, well, they are truly able to be eaten by all.

Sound too good to be true? I promise, they’re real! These mixes are a godsend for people with food allergies. Having a pre-packaged mix with easy to follow instructions, each of Sevierly Good’s products turns out deliciously, and with textures pretty darn close to traditionally made foods. To top it off, they use as many local products in the mixes that they can.

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Kosher Challah

Freshly baked kosher challah is now available for purchase every Thursday afternoon and Friday morning from Chabad of Pierce County. It is baked on-site in the kosher kitchen of the Chabad Jewish Center in Tacoma, and is available for order to the public.

Order one loaf for $6, or two loaves for $10.

There’s nothing better than freshly baked bread. This one is especially good. As far ass I know, this is the only Tacoma- made challah available for sale.

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